First blog post

2 thoughts on “First blog post”

    1. Thank you Ellen. I am still learning this blog thing and my way around wordpress and blogger. This will be something I will continue even after the mindlab course is completed. I have come across interesting research and blogs and articles on CoP and more. It certainly has been a learning journey and being able to reflect has been worthwhile doing, as well as reading words of other bloggers. I wrote some reflections on another portal so will be sharing that with everyone soon, once I work out how to do it. The CoP readings have indeed been interesting as Etienne Wenger-Trayner (et al) has written and shared. I kind of see some correlation of CoP to the Treaty of Waitangi and how it encompasses the 3 Ps of – Participation, Protection and Partnership. As our CoP group on this mahi works through the implementation of cultural responsiveness under the schools strategic and action plans, I intend to unpack it here to give an insight into how this CoP (which is one of many in our school) has been set up and will move forward in its development of our special character school wide culture.


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